Like JFK Only Less Life-Threatening.

Ahh, so tonight is Game 7 in the Mavs-Spurs series. Who do I think is going to win? The Mavs of course, I wouldn't be a fan if I didn't think that. The odd thing is, even though the Spurs are the defending champs, and they are good, I really don't see them having a chance tonight. Sure, they'll put up a good effort, but I just don't see them winning. It's odd, usually I don't have this sort of confidence in a team I love. Before the Rose Bowl this year, I hoped the Longhorns would win, and I thought they could, but I knew it would be hella difficult, but for some reason, I am positive the Mavs will win tonight. This all probably stems from the fact that I think the Mavs would have won Game 5 and the series would have been over if it wasn't for one little thing. Money. When the NBA saw how close this series was, how many viewers it was bringing in, I fully believe, and so do numerous people I know, that they told both parties to take this thing to 7 games. And people are gonna scoff, oh you're a dejected Mavs fan, you have to come up with conspiracy theories, blah blah. No, it's not that. People forget while watching sporting events that they are originally and ultimately entertainment. A business. Nothing more. Playoffs are where the big money is.You can't tell me that the whole Jason Terry deal wasn't a calculated move. Not the punch itself, that was just spur of the moment, no, the whole suspension, controversy, after the game call, MONEY. So tonight, the better, younger, hungrier team will win, the Mavericks. One needs to only look at the Pistons-Cavs series, and the Sun-Clippers series to confirm this whole thought process. The Pistons could have killed the Cavs in 4 or 5 games, the Suns in 5 or 6, but no, they both went to 7 games. They couldn't have done it with the Nets-Heat series, people would have been suspicious, but the rest? David Stern is as happy as a pig in shit right now. So here's to tonight, two Game 7's where the teams who should have won their series days ago, will close it out and play each other in the Western Conference Finals. Here's to the Mavs and Suns, round 3. Dirk vs. Steve. Watch it.